Eligible Schools in Canada for Study Abroad Loans

Canada Schools Eligible for International Student Loans

Browse this list of Canadian schools eligible for international student loans and find out if your school is on the list of approved schools in Canada.

Canada attracts over 90,000 international students each year from around the world. Students come to Canada looking to continue their studies in one of the best educational systems in the world. On their free time, students can explore the second largest country in the world from the bustling cities to pristine nature. If you are a US student looking to study in Canada but need financial aid, you may be eligible for our international student loans.

To be eligible, students must be either a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and enrolled (or will be enrolling in) an approved school in Canada. To see whether your school has been approved, you can review the eligibility list below or use the comparison tool. Remember, although we try to keep this resource updated, this school list is just a guide - only your lender can confirm that your school is eligible.

Funding limits up to the total cost of education, as determined by your school, minus any other aid received. Total cost of education includes tuition, room and board, and living expenses.

If you are a foreign enrolled student looking for financial assistance, Canada international student loan can help support your higher education. To be eligible, you must be a US citizen or US permanent resident attending one of the following approved schools. Remember, although we try to keep this resource updated, this school list is just a guide - only your lender can confirm that your school is eligible.

Canada international student loans fund up to the total cost of education, as determined by your school, minus any other aid received. Total cost of education includes tuition, room and board, and living expenses.

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Schools in Canada Approved for Loans

School CodeSchool Name
844900Acadia UniversityApply Now!
3298300Alberta University of the ArtsApply Now!
2102100Bethany Bible CollegeApply Now!
685200Bishops UniversityApply Now!
942100Brandon UniversityApply Now!
1172200Briercrest College and SeminaryApply Now!
925200Brock University  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
3408300Canadian Nazarene University CollegeApply Now!
3674400Canadian Southern Baptist SeminaryApply Now!
3335400Canadian University CollegeApply Now!
3711300Capilano CollegeApply Now!
836800Carleton University  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
CAN000115Carleton UniversityApply Now!
2201100Columbia Bible CollegeApply Now!
836500Concordia University - Sir George WilliamsApply Now!
2593800Concordia University College of AlbertaApply Now!
3847300Crandall UniversityApply Now!
683800Dalhousie University  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
685300DeGroote School of BusinessApply Now!
685300DeGroote School of Business  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
2338800Emily Carr Institute of Art & DesignApply Now!
3420300Holland CollegeApply Now!
3551300International Bible CollegeApply Now!
3332500Kwantlen University CollegeApply Now!
891300Lakehead UniversityApply Now!
891300Lakehead University  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
Lakehead UniversityApply Now!
683700Laval UniversityApply Now!
667700McGill UniversityApply Now!
CAN000117McMaster UniversityApply Now!
950300Mount Allison University - SackvilleApply Now!
2095800Ontario College of Art and DesignApply Now!
3846300Pacific Life Bible CollegeApply Now!
2167000Prairie Bible InstituteApply Now!
1227400Providence University College & Theological SeminaryApply Now!
CAN000114Queen's University Apply Now!
4075300Queens University at KingstonApply Now!
1067500Regent CollegeApply Now!
668800Ryerson University  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
844400Simon Fraser UniversityApply Now!
667900Smith School of Business  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
668100St. Francis Xavier UniversityApply Now!
836400St. Marys UniversityApply Now!
3339300St. Stephen's UniversityApply Now!
668200St. Thomas UniversityApply Now!
1072000Toronto Metropolitan University  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
950500Trent UniversityApply Now!
950500Trent University  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
23Trent UniversityApply Now!
948600Trinity Western UniversityApply Now!
836600Universite de MontrealApply Now!
3033800University College - Cape BretonApply Now!
950100University Kings CollegeApply Now!
836200University of Alberta  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
836900University of British ColumbiaApply Now!
787400University of Calgary  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
668300University of Guelph  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
CAN000113University of GuelphApply Now!
1070300University of Lethbridge  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
668400University of Manitoba  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
911900University of MonctonApply Now!
668500University of New Brunswick  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
3613300University of Northern British Columbia - Prince GeorgeApply Now!
4217300University of Ontario Institute of TechnologyApply Now!
668600University of Ottawa  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
2University of OttawaApply Now!
936700University of Prince Edward IslandApply Now!
844800University of ReginaApply Now!
2219200University of Saskatchewan  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
1111111University of TorontoApply Now!
837000University of Victoria  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
852600University of Waterloo  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
CAN000111University of WaterlooApply Now!
CAN000112University of Western OntarioApply Now!
844600University of Western Ontario (The)  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
668900University of Windsor  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
1University of WindsorApply Now!
814800University of WinnipegApply Now!
858200Wilfrid Laurier University  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
CAN000118Wilfried Laurier UniversityApply Now!
767900York University  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
CAN000116York UniversityApply Now!

International Student Loan has gathered this information as a resource for students, and this resource does not intend to imply a relationship between your school and our website or company. You should always double-check directly with your school and lender to ensure that your school is eligible.

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