International Financial Aid Resources

International Financial Aid Resources

Funding an international education doesn't have to be difficult.

Financial Aid

Our International Financial Aid Resource is designed to provide you with information on how to budget, ways you can fund your studies, and help you gain an understanding of the financial aid system.

This unique resource will explore these topics as they relate to international students, study abroad students, and those individual completing a degree in a foreign country. No matter your circumstances while studying abroad, read on to learn more about funding your education overseas.

Find My Student Loan

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Loans 101

If you've never had a student loan before, our Student Loan 101 resource will familiarize you with the process and loan terms so that you can make the right decision.

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Financial Aid Videos

Our financial aid video resources provide information and tips on how to pay for college. The videos cover topics such as financial aid options, scholarships, and student loans.

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Financial Aid

Studying abroad is expensive so it's important to understand what financial aid is available, where to look, and how to find funds that can help cover your education costs.

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Working in the US

Working in the US as an international student can be difficult. In this section we will help you navigate the process and give you the information you need to work in the US.

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Foreign Enrolled Loans

If you are a US student planning to earn your degree at a foreign institution, you are eligible for student loans. Check out this section to learn more about loans.

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US Banking

Living overseas requires you to understand how the banking system works so that you can manage your finance. Check out this resource to better understand how the US banking system works.

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Study Abroad Loans

US students planning to study abroad through a US college or university are eligible for student loans, no matter in the world your travels take you. Learn more about the process in this guide.

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Budgeting Overseas

Plan ahead and budget not just for school, but for all the expenses you will have overseas. Read this overview for budgeting tips, what to consider, and best practices.

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Further Resources

Find out if you are eligible by using the loan comparison tool on this page. You might also be interested in these additional resources detailing the different types of loans, financial aid and international scholarships.

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