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Eligible Schools in Washington, D.C. for International Student Loans

The District of Columbia, the bustling heart of America's political body, is a masterpiece of sights and delights. From the storied National Mall to the museums of the Smithsonian Institution and, of course, the White House itself, the nation's capital has much to offer international students.

If you are an international or study abroad student looking to finance your education overseas, look no further than Washington, D.C. international student loans. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in one of the following approved schools. Remember, most international students and US study abroad students need a US co-signer. The co-signer must be a US citizen or permanent resident with good credit and income history, and have lived in the US for the past two years. However, no cosigner loans are available to students at select colleges and universities.

You can also compare District Of Columbia international student loans and apply right online using our loan comparison tool. Simply enter the name of your school, citizenship, and co-signer status to see the list of eligible lenders.

Schools in Washington, D.C. Approved for Loans

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