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In 2014, Taiwan had the sixth largest number of international students studying in the USA. Out of a total 886,052 international students in the USA, 21,266 were from Taiwan. International Student Loan recognizes that many students need additional funding, and offers loans for Taiwanese students to help fund their education in the USA.

We have been a leader in providing loans for international students from Taiwan since 1998, and thousands of Taiwanese students have applied for loans through our programs. As a NAFSA Global Partner, and with an A+ Reliability Rating from the Better Business Bureau, International Student Loan is the best destination for Taiwanese students to fund their US education.

If you are a Taiwanese student looking for a US student loan, you can compare lenders that work for your school by using our Compare Student Loan tool. Once you've reviewed the loans, you can choose the loan that's right for you - and apply right online with initial approval within weeks!

Co-Signer Required for Most Applicants

If a co-signer is required they must be a US citizen or permanent resident, with good credit, income history and who has lived in the USA for the past 2 years. If you do not have a cosigner please use the comparison tool to see if there's a no cosigner loan available at your school.

Taiwanese students can apply for up to their school's total cost of attendance, as determined by the school, minus any other aid received. Total cost of attendance includes room and board and other living expenses. In most cases Taiwanese students are required to have a US citizen or permanent resident as a co-signer to apply for this loan. International student loans typically offer:

  • No collateral required
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Online application

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Taiwan Student Info

$1 USD = NT$27.81 TWD
Number of Taiwanese Students Studying in the USA:
2020: 23,724
2019: 23,369
Rank of Origin:
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