Eligible Schools in Puerto Rico for International Student Loans

Eligible Schools in Puerto Rico for International Student Loans

Puerto Rico (officially, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico) is an archipelago which consists of the main island of Puerto Rico, and three smaller islands, including Vieques, Culebra, and Mona. Enjoying a warm and sunny tropical climate, Puerto Ricans also benefit from US citizenship status, which was given to them in 1917. International students who study in Puerto Rico enjoy a rich culture, plenty of outdoor activities, and superb educational opportunities at Puerto Rican colleges and universities, such as the public University of Puerto Rico, the private Universidad del Turabo, and the multi-campus Inter American University.

If you are an international or study abroad student looking to finance your education overseas, look no further than Puerto Rico international student loans. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in one of the following approved schools. Remember, most international students and US study abroad students need a US co-signer. The co-signer must be a US citizen or permanent resident with good credit and income history, and have lived in the US for the past two years. However, no cosigner loans are available to students at select colleges and universities.

You can also compare Puerto Rico international student loans and apply right online using our loan comparison tool. Simply enter the name of your school, citizenship, and co-signer status to see the list of eligible lenders.

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Puerto Rico Schools

School CodeSchool Name
1194100American University of Puerto RicoApply Now!
3544300Atenas CollegeApply Now!
2505400Atlantic University CollegeApply Now!
502200Bayamon Central UniversityApply Now!
1252500Caribbean University-BayamonApply Now!
1252503Caribbean University-CarolinaApply Now!
1252502Caribbean University-PonceApply Now!
1252501Caribbean University-Vega BajaApply Now!
1072400Carlos Albizu University-San JuanApply Now!
2166000Center for Advanced Studies On Puerto Rico and the CaribbeanApply Now!
1056700Colegio Universitario de San JuanApply Now!
3112106Dewey University-ArroyoApply Now!
3112102Dewey University-BayamonApply Now!
3112101Dewey University-CarolinaApply Now!
3112105Dewey University-FajardoApply Now!
3112108Dewey University-HatilloApply Now!
3112100Dewey University-Hato ReyApply Now!
3112107Dewey University-Juana DﻎazApply Now!
3112109Dewey University-ManatiApply Now!
3112104Dewey University-YabucoaApply Now!
2165100EDP Univeristy of Puerto Rico Inc-San JuanApply Now!
2165101EDP University of Puerto Rico Inc-San SebastianApply Now!
2569400Escuela de Artes Plasticas de Puerto RicoApply Now!
3180500Facultad de Derecho Eugenio Maria de HostosApply Now!
2340600Humacao Community CollegeApply Now!
393900Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Aguadilla CampusApply Now!
502600Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Arecibo CampusApply Now!
502700Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Barranquitas CampusApply Now!
502800Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Bayamon CampusApply Now!
2282800Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Fajardo CampusApply Now!
2282700Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Guayama CampusApply Now!
394000Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Metropolitan CampusApply Now!
502900Inter American University of Puerto Rico - Ponce CampusApply Now!
4250900Inter American University of Puerto Rico - School of LawApply Now!
4251000Inter American University of Puerto Rico - School of OptometryApply Now!
4254200Inter American University of Puerto Rico San Germán CampusApply Now!
393811Inter American University of Puerto Rico-BayamonApply Now!
393808Inter American University of Puerto Rico-GuayamaApply Now!
393601Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-AreciboApply Now!
393603Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-MayaguezApply Now!
393600Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-PonceApply Now!
1081900Puerto Rico Conservatory of MusicApply Now!
3177300San Juan Bautista School of MedicineApply Now!
2588600Seminario Evangelico de Puerto RicoApply Now!
3029700Universal Technology College of Puerto RicoApply Now!
501900Universidad Adventista de las AntillasApply Now!
2163300Universidad Central Del CaribeApply Now!
394100Universidad Del EsteApply Now!
393700Universidad del Sagrado CorazonApply Now!
1171900Universidad Del TuraboApply Now!
2587500Universidad MetropolitanaApply Now!
3531300Universidad Pentecostal MizpaApply Now!
2100000Universidad Politecnica de Puerto RicoApply Now!
2335500Universidad Teologica del CaribeApply Now!
1212300University of Puerto Rico-AguadillaApply Now!
722800University of Puerto Rico-AreciboApply Now!
1097500University of Puerto Rico-BayamonApply Now!
3016000University of Puerto Rico-CarolinaApply Now!
720600University of Puerto Rico-CayeyApply Now!
394200University of Puerto Rico-Central AdministrationApply Now!
394300University of Puerto Rico-HumacaoApply Now!
394400University of Puerto Rico-MayaguezApply Now!
2460000University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences  Cosigner Not RequiredApply Now!
965200University of Puerto Rico-PonceApply Now!
710800University of Puerto Rico-Rio PiedrasApply Now!
1092200University of Puerto Rico-UtuadoApply Now!

International Student Loan has gathered this information as a resource for students, and this resource does not intend to imply a relationship between your school and our website or company. You should always double-check directly with your school and lender to ensure that your school is eligible.

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